[Catalyst] ANNOUNCE: new Catalyst::Controller::Rose and Catalyst::Model::RDBO on CPAN

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Fri Jun 29 15:31:40 GMT 2007

I just uploaded Catalyst::Controller::Rose 0.04 and Catalyst::Model::RDBO to 
CPAN. They should hit your local mirror eventually.

These modules provide glue between Rose::DB::Object, Rose::HTML::Objects and 

The changes include improved error handling and some internal refactoring.

 From the Changes files:

     * changed check_err() to has_errors()
     * moved has_errors() to base Rose class
     * added throw_error() to base Rose class
     * all controllers now inherit from Catalyst::Controller::Rose instead
       of simply Catalyst::Controller.
     * instead of setting 'error' value in stash(), CRUD methods now
       call throw_error().

     * refactor fetch() and add new create() method.
     * fetch_all() and all() were doing exactly what search() does,
       so just aliased them to search().
     * use Catalyst::Exception instead of Carp and added throw_error()
       method to allow for easy overriding.

Peter Karman  .  http://peknet.com/  .  peter at peknet.com

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