[Catalyst] Anyone using ProxyPass?

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Sat Jun 30 11:56:44 GMT 2007

Thanks to many on this list I have managed to get my app running on 
Apache/mod_perl (a permissions issue), and have followed the Cookbook 
example of using Apache for static files and Apache/mod_perl for the 
dynamic content, and using ProxyPass/ProxyPassReverse in the static 
server. I know this is working OK from the browsers' address bar.

However, the URLs constructed in the templates from Catalyst.uri_for 
pick up the port number, thus defeating the idea of ProxyPass. In one of 
my CGI::Application apps I got round this by by either setting the full 
server address (minus the port number) manually in the application and 
using <a href="[% full_address %];rm=my_run_mode"> in the templates, or 
removing the server address from the url and using relative paths with 
base href set in the templates. Neither is a very flexible solution.

I assume this is happening because ProxyPass only hides the port 
forwarding from the users browser address, but does not hide it from the 
server. The way I deal with this in CGI::Application apps will not work 
with Catalyst.uri_for, so is there a more appropriate way?
Richard Jones

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