[Catalyst] detach behaviour clarification

Geoff Flarity geoff.flarity at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 17:17:56 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

I've seem to run into a behavior discrepancy between the included dev server
and apache when using $c->detach. But I'd like to confirm my understanding
of exactly how detach should behave before I debug any futher. Please
consider the following example:

sub one : Local {
  my ($self, $c ) =3D @_;
  $c->forward( '_two')
  $c->stash->{template} =3D 'one.tt2'

sub two : Private {
  my ($self, $c ) =3D @_;
  $c->stash->{template} =3D 'two.tt2'

sub three : Private {
 my ($self, $c ) =3D @_;
 $c->stash->{template} =3D 'three.tt2';

My current understanding is that the value of template should be three.tt2.
Is this correct?

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