[Catalyst] Shared Host Setup

Mesdaq, Ali amesdaq at websense.com
Thu Nov 1 18:06:35 GMT 2007

Been working on setting up Catalyst on a shared host and I have to say
its been pretty painful. Been trying to use the default install on the
host and add the modules I need but came across the suggestion to
install a new version of perl and that helped a lot. But the host I am
using (aplus.net) has pretty strict setup as opposed to dreamhost having
a more open setup so its making it even harder. But it seems like
everything else works good except Module::Build. It seems like you need
to have root to install that module. I keep getting errors that are
related to chdir and it not figuring out what directory its built in and
permissions issues.

So my question is what are my options? Changing hosts is not an option.
Is there a way I can cleanly and reliably build it on a system that I do
have root access like a freebsd vmware image and then move it over?
Would par be a good option for something like that? I wonder if its
possible to just build a portable custom install of perl with all
catalyst modules and everything on a machine with root access and just
tar and move the whole install. I mean I did build the initial perl
install on the vm image because I was getting errors with building on
the shared host but I didn't want to build all the modules there because
I thought it might not be a reliable way of setting up the environment.


Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher II
Websense Security Labs

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