[Catalyst] semi-OT: is it possible to circumvent tests that are related to WWW::Mechanize?

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at ymogen.net
Mon Nov 5 14:50:03 GMT 2007

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Jonathan Rockway wrote:
>> Matt Lawrence wrote:
>>> I should probably point out that I'm the Module::Mask author, just in
>>> the interests of full disclosure ;-)
>> How is Module::Mask different from Devel::Hide?

The interface is different, Module::Mask has a slightly more flexible OO
interface, but it does have some limitations that Devel::Hide doesn't.
Plus Module::Mask can whitelist modules, which I don't think Devel::Hide

>> Regards,
>> Jonathan Rockway
> Or Test::Without::Module?

I wasn't aware of Test::Without::Module, but a quick look at the docs
reveals that it doesn't support lexical scoping, whereas Module::Mask
does support masking in a lexical scope (although not via import and


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