[Catalyst] semi-OT: is it possible to circumvent tests that are related to WWW::Mechanize?

Matt Lawrence matt.lawrence at ymogen.net
Mon Nov 5 18:13:13 GMT 2007

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> * On Monday 05 November 2007 08:50:03 am Matt Lawrence wrote:
>>> Jonathan Rockway wrote:
>>>> How is Module::Mask different from Devel::Hide?
>> The interface is different, Module::Mask has a slightly more flexible OO
>> interface, but it does have some limitations that Devel::Hide doesn't.
>> Plus Module::Mask can whitelist modules, which I don't think Devel::Hide
>> supports.
> Why not consolidate the features of these three modules into one?

One of the features of Devel::Hide is that it doesn't load any other
modules itself, so it can prevent pretty much anything from loading,
whereas Module::Mask does load a few things (like Scalar::Util and Carp)
which it therefore cannot mask. It seems to me that these approaches are
pretty much mutually exclusive.

Another point is that Devel::Hide will work on perls older than 5.8, by
using tempfiles instead of coderefs in @INC. This is obviously
incompatible with whitelisting, and might prove to be difficult to
implement cleanly with lexical masks.



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