[Catalyst] Catalyst-Runtime fails tests with lighttpd-1.4.18

"Bernhard K. Weißhuhn" bkw at weisshuhn.de
Mon Nov 5 18:47:59 GMT 2007

Andy Grundman schrieb:

> On Nov 5, 2007, at 8:06 AM, Bernhard Weisshuhn wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> am I the only one who cannot get the lighttpd-fastcgi-tests for
>> Catalyst-Runtime-5.7011 to pass with the current lighttpd 1.4.18?
>> [...]
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> 1.4.18 passes all tests for me on OSX, except the 307 one and live_fork.

Found it.

Seems the fastcgi-script is not passed the new lib directory, so
effectively it runs against an old installation (if present).

Patch for the tests attached (works for me).


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