[Catalyst] C::C::FormBuilder and TT

Danny Warren danny at io.com
Mon Nov 5 21:26:02 GMT 2007

Ferruccio Zamuner wrote:
> Hi,
> I've found some strange behaviours from Catalyst about CGI::FormBuilder 
> and TT2:

I have seen similar things happen with C::C::FormBuilder, and there is 
an old thread on this list from when I was writing 
C::C::FormBuilder::MultiForm where I was talking with Juan about this 
same thing.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to repro it 100% or figure out why 
some situations result in lost formbuilder data.  The way you forward 
around inside your controllers seems to have a lot to do with this 
behavior popping up.

I picked a way that works (always forward to a form, the action that 
uses the form is never more than one forward deep, etc) and haven't had 
any problems since.

I wrote a few really loose tests to demonstrate this behaviour way back 
then, but haven't followed up with Juan by filing a bug or writing real 
tests yet.

Another one that I can't figure out (but can repro easily) that may be 
related is that all my form titles turn in to:


Unless I do:

   $form->title( 'foo' );

after every forward to a form-having action.  If I don't, the title is 
lost and replaced with the above string - even though the title is set 
in my .fb yaml config.


Unless Juan jumps in with the magic answer (and he might, he was very 
very helpful last time I had issues) I can go through that old thread 
and my old tests.  I was the only person to ever complain about this 
behaviour it seems, and I always chalked it up to "I am using 
C::C::FormBuilder in a weird way" - especially since I could work around it.


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