[Catalyst] Re: [OT] Search Solution

David Morel david.morel at amakuru.net
Fri Nov 9 08:00:31 GMT 2007

Le 9 nov. 07 à 05:13, Fayland Lam a écrit :

> David Morel wrote:
>> Le 8 nov. 07 à 10:25, Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann a écrit :
>>> Other solution is Xapian
>>> Catalyst::Model::Xapian
>> There was a discussion on this topic not so long ago. I suggest to  
>> have a look at the list archive, some interesting discussion went  
>> on at that time
> I searched http://lists.scsys.co.uk/pipermail/catalyst/, but don't  
> find anything. could u tell me which month is it talked?
> Thanks.

have a look there: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/catalyst/users/

and search for lucene, plucene, xapian, swish-e, etc

actually the threads I found seem shorter than I remember, but I just  
had a very quick look.

David Morel

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