[Catalyst] Fancy graphing -> like Google Finance, anybody done it?

Matt Rosin telebody at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 10:50:33 GMT 2007

P.S. about OpenLaszlo, I don't want to push you away from it as I did
launch a Catalyst thread on their mailing list in May and they were
quite helpful. They keep advancing it so there may even be fixes for
things I wanted, for example their wiki has an api to the LPS server
(which is a tomcat instance IIRC). They even said they wanted to
target other languages when I mentioned what I really wanted was a
catalyst based lps. At one point they were using compressed xml but
then I think went to straight xml when the flash parser improved. Also
one of their lead developers said he writes laszlo apps all day and
just targets to clients getting info via http. I think there is a JSON
interface that is used now. Also documentation seemed to be out of
sync but that was because they were recommending old versions, in this
thread they say use the latest snapshots instead. I was asking about
writing RESTful apps with Catalyst, and was worried about not getting
full functionality with the tomcat hosted Data Manager. Note a flash
or browser security model is used depending on your rendering target.
For flash you use a crossdomain.xml file to work with your perl app I

I think this was the beginning of the perl/Catalyst thread:

One quote: "Second, as of 4.0.2 the XML-RPC APIs now work in both
runtimes in SOLO mode -- no LPS required." (this was in June)

Since I ended up not getting into laszlo then (I may again soon
though) I can't tell you more and I cannot vouch for how it runs under
load and so on. However it seems that rest apps are possible with

Finally there is in fact a ruby on rails laszlo plugin I haven't
tried. It would be nice to have something like that for Catalyst. (not
that I'm volunteering!)

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