[Catalyst] how to get controller path

Kalman Kiss ssikiss at zalaszam.hu
Thu Nov 22 06:41:59 GMT 2007


Jason Kohles wrote:
> Instead of trying to forward to the action that the URI would have 
> given them, once they have logged in just redirect them back to the 
> stored URL, and let the dispatcher handle it as normal.  This also 
> avoids problems where you forward to the action they were requesting, 
> and they then bookmark that page, which actually bookmarks the login 
> page because the URL didn't change with the ->forward().
> I usually handle it like this:

one vote from me for putting this and the code into the cookbook, best 
practices or whatever page. :)
(and I can delete the Catalyst-saved subfolder in my mailer then ;) )

take care

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