[Catalyst] Re: CMS Revisited

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 28 03:38:25 GMT 2007

Tony Losey:
> I am interested in contributing to this. 
> I have been working on a lot of small
> use catalyst apps and was gearing up 
> to get to something like this.

> I will be looking for the download....
> when it's ready. Since, I am particularly 
> interested in a project like this...
> it doesn't have to be all the way ready.

Hi Tony,

I am glad you are interested, and hope your
interest persist once you've seen the code ;-)

I mainly wanted to clear out some deadwood,
write up a useful README, and either write 
a few database population sheets or include
an sqlite database. That shouldn't take too 

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