[Catalyst] uri_for and Chained actions

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Fri Oct 12 18:22:20 GMT 2007

On 10/12/2007 11:31 AM, Oleg Pronin wrote:
> I have a hundred of <img src="...."> and a hundred of <a href=".."> per
> page on 1-2mln hosts/day project.
> If your project is not under subfolder of some domain then there is no
> need to call
> <img src="[%c.uri_for('/images/img.jpg')%]"/>
> instead of <img src="/images/img.jpg"/>
> as they are both pointing to the same place.

I think best practice (for portability) is still something like:

[% img_url = c.uri_for('/images') %]
[% FOREACH img IN lots_of_images %]
 <img src="[% img_url %]/foo.jpg" />
[% END %]

because you never know what the future holds, w.r.t. deploying in different
scenarios. Plus, that makes it easier to serve static content from a different
URL altogether (as I do) by just changing

 [% img_url = 'http://static.mystuff.foo' %]

in one place.

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