[Catalyst] Web Services Integration with Catalyst

Bill Moseley moseley at hank.org
Fri Oct 12 20:14:48 GMT 2007

Anyone added "web services" to an existing application that could
share their experiences?

This sound familiar? ;)


I will note that I've only used SOAP::Lite and in a situation where
I've controlled both the client and server.  Hence, I have some rather
general questions:

Catalyst::Plugin::Server seems reasonably new, and currently supports
XMLRPC with the promise to add SOAP at some point.  Anyone used this?

There's also Catalyst::Plugin::XMLRPC, but I wonder about how
maintained it is.  One plus is that there's Catalyst::Plugin::JSONRPC
which integrates with C::P::XMLRPC well, although I'm not so sure
anyone will use JSONRPC.

Is Catalyst::Plugin::Server a replacement for

Anything else worth looking at?  Any existing SOAP implementations?

What about authentication?  In the web application I'm using a cookie
to store the session id, and storing authentication in the session.
I'm wondering if I can depend on clients supporting cookies or will
need to pass credentials (or token) on every RPC.

Poking around the web I don't really see and set standard authentication
method (although some discussion of WS-Security and SOAP headers).

Finally, will I need to (somehow) generate a WSDL document for each service?

I'm hoping I can use the application's existing login/authentication
setup. Then add controller actions for the services I wish to expose.
Have those forward to existing actions and save the response in the
stash.  Then have the XMLRCP, SOAP, JSON, plugins and views handle
serialization.  Just like magic.

Bill Moseley
moseley at hank.org

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