[Catalyst] modules recommendations

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 18:02:28 GMT 2007


I know that under Catalyst is somehow recommended to use Template-Toolkit, 
DBIx::Class, YAML, but I haven't seen recommendations for other perl modules 
that can be used for other tasks. There are very many CPAN modules, and 
sometimes the size of CPAN becomes a disadvantage instead of beeing an 
advantage, because I don't know what to use.

Does anyone know if I can find somewhere a list of perl modules which are 
recommended to be used with Catalyst for some tasks like sending text email, 
html email with attachments, using SOAP web services, creating and serving 
RSS and Atom files, inserting Javascript menus and tree views, inserting 
Ajax components, sending the response in CSS/PDF format, creating polls, 
using wiki, creating blogs, including a search engine in the site, 
displaying charts, and other modules which are recommended by the most 
experienced Catalyst users.

Maybe some of those modules don't have a direct link to Catalyst, but a 
recommendation for those types of modules is very helpful (and for other 
types which are used frequently too).

Thank you.


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