[Catalyst] Catalyst RPMs for CentOS5

mh mh at iquer.net
Fri Oct 19 15:02:58 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

i am new to catalyst and to this list so i hope i am not asking something that 
has been answered a thousand times before. I didn't find anything useful in 
the archives though, except some proposals to build catalyst rpms for 

I wanted to install catalyst on several CentOS5 servers and wanted to use rpms 
for this and not cpan. I use many rpms from the dag repository, built several 
missing rpms (with cpan2rpm mostly) and patched a few others and catalyst is 
working in a basic state now. But e.g. for Catalyst::Plugin::Session i need a 
newer version of Tie::RefHash (at least 1.34, installed version is 1.32). The 
problem is that this is no single rpm in CentOS but part of the core perl 
rpm. And i guess this is not the only module i will have to upgrade, i had a 
similar problem with Test::Simple already. So it seems that i will have to 
build a newer perl core rpm :(

As the plan is to build as few rpms as possible, especially those already in a 
repository, to keep future conflicts with official rpms to a minimum i wanted 
to ask if there is a way around this before i start. Maybe someone has done 
this before and can tell me which route they chose and why. Or anything else 
that's useful.

Thanks in advance,


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