[Catalyst] Configuring View::TT per request

Devo Coran devincoran at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 03:29:12 GMT 2007

(sorry I sent to wrong list first time my bad :( )


I'm new to catalyst and am stuck on how to do this..

I'm using View::TT and for most of my requests I do
want it to use the standard config with:

    PRE_PROCESS        => 'config/main',
    WRAPPER            => 'site/wrapper',

However by the same token I have a number of other
requests, like ajax content coming into a div, where I
don't want to use those config options or add a
header/footer etc.

For now I've been getting around by using [% IF
somevar %] type blocks to include/exclude header/foot
content but that's rather hacked, what I really need
is to be able to configure the View::TT per request.

I even have one template that I need to display
without going through TT at all, it needs to show as
plain text so a user can edit it as is.  For that I
had to edit the wrapper to pass it through as text
when it sees a template with that name.

So again if I could configure View:TT per request I
can avoid hacks.


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