[Catalyst] Hypothetical Site and Scalability Planning

Mesdaq, Ali amesdaq at websense.com
Fri Oct 26 19:24:35 GMT 2007

Hey All,

Just wanted to start a thread about scalability planning and design. I
was thinking we could take the approach of what peoples opinions, ideas,
and best practices are for large scale sites and use a hypothetical site
or a existing site as the model to plan for. Not everything discussed
needs to be catalyst only it could be general web server configs or
something similar.

For example how would you guys approach a project where you needed to
create a site like a myspace.com or similar with 0 current users but
could surpass 1 million users in 1 month then 100 million in 1 year. I
am interested to see the opinions and designs people would have to deal
with that type of scalability. I mean even simple issues become very
complex with those numbers. Like where and how to store photos. Should
they be stored on filesystem, db, or external sites like akamai. What
web server should be used? Apache? Should it be threaded version? How
does that affect catalyst and its modules are they all thread safe or is
threaded apache not even the way to go?

Ali Mesdaq
Security Researcher II
Websense Security Labs

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