[Catalyst] returning empty 200 response

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Fri Oct 26 20:23:43 GMT 2007

Devo Coran wrote:
> but the problem is it keeps going to =

> /end
> MyApp::View::TT->process =

>   =

You probably want a different end action in this controller:

   sub end :Private {
      my ($self, $c) =3D @_;

RenderView (which I assume you are using for the end action in the Root
controller) will try to render the template if the following conditions
aren't met:

    return 1 if $c->req->method eq 'HEAD';
    return 1 if $c->response->body && length( $c->response->body );
    return 1 if scalar @{ $c->error } && !$c->stash->{template};
    return 1 if $c->response->status =3D~ /^(?:204|3\d\d)$/;

Since you don't want a template rendering, but you don't meet any of
these conditions, you need your own end action.

Jonathan Rockway

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