[Catalyst] Charset best practice

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Wed Oct 31 21:04:28 GMT 2007


We are currently building an application using Catalyst framework and  
have a lot of encoding problem.  Since we use a lot on french  
characters (like é-è-ê-à-ç), we need to take care of the encoding of  
Perl module and TT templates.

We have a running setup with Perl module in ISO-8859-1 (latin1) and  
templates in UTF-8.  That strange match works great under Apache using  
mod_perl.  All french characters are parse correctly even if they are  
from templates, Perl code or MySQL db.

If we run the app. under Catalyst dev. server, everything goes  
wrongs.  We have a lot of "gremlins" instead of correct char.  We are  
unable to figure out what should be done to have correct output in all  

Our setup :

   Apache charset : ISO-8859-1
   In TT's view :     ENCODING     => 'ISO-8859-1'
   All Perl and TT file save in : ISO-8859-1

Are we on the good way?

Dominic Germain
Administrateur réseau / Network administrator

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