[Catalyst] + in GET param

Jonathan Rockway jon at jrock.us
Wed Sep 12 02:50:48 GMT 2007

Gavin Henry wrote:
> <quote who=3D"Wade.Stuart at fallon.com">
>   =

>>> That's what uri_for is already doing (I forgot to mention I'd checked
>>> already).
>>> uri_for:
>>>     http://myserver.com/blah/?username=3Dfirst.last%2Bme%40gmail.com

I haven't looked into this at all, but try using a chained action
instead.  I think that bypasses unescaping for whatever reason, and that
may be exactly what you need here.  If this breaks horribly in the
future, though, don't blame me.  I consider the chained behavior a bug
(but I'm waiting for mst to tell me why it isn't).

Jonathan Rockway

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