[Catalyst] + in GET param

Gavin Henry ghenry at perl.me.uk
Wed Sep 12 15:14:39 GMT 2007

Jonathan Rockway wrote:
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> Tatsuhiko Miyagawa wrote:
>>> I tested but couldn't reproduce. So I wouldn't say this is a Cat bug.
>> And the same result as before:
>> Hello first.last me at gmail.com
> Would you guys be so kind as to run scandeps.pl (from Module::ScanDeps
> on CPAN) and report the versions of everything along the prereq chain?
> FWIW, I have the same results as miyagawa and my versions look like:
> $ scandeps.pl -x script/testapp_test.pl

Right, I've created a new test app, like Tatsuhiko Miyagawa showed. I get:

first.last me at gmail.com

on the debug console and:

Hello first.last me at gmail.com

scandeps for this new app gives:

Can't locate object method "run" via package "Test" at
SYSTEM ERROR in executing script/test_server.pl: 2304 at
/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Module/ScanDeps.pm line 1058.

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