[Catalyst] App Deployment - Apache, FastCGI, init.d

Hans Dieter Pearcey hdp at pobox.com
Thu Sep 20 03:07:29 GMT 2007

On Wed, Sep 19, 2007 at 08:57:10PM -0500, Mitchell Jackson wrote:
> I've seen it mentioned on the list to use daemon tools with PAR ( 
> http://www.catalystframework.org/calendar/2006/4 ) but that uses the 
> built-in myapp_server.pl, running it's own web server, and I much prefer 
> the apache/fastcgi approach, most especially because it leaves the work 
> of serving static content to apache instead of the heavier application 
> process.

You misread.  It uses myapp_server.pl only to "make sure the PAR works
properly".  Keep reading and you'll see it uses myapp_fastcgi.pl.


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