[Catalyst] Catalyst::Controller::Rose::Simple

Alexandre Jousset mid at gtmp.org
Thu Sep 20 17:41:09 GMT 2007

	Hello Matt,

Matt S Trout wrote:
>> 	Feel free to ask me any question you want.
> Why haven't you submitted patches to the existing C-C-Rose?
> Any module called '-Simple' usually means "there was an existing module
> that worked but I'm too lazy to patch it" - please justify why that isn't
> the case here :)

	Well, I wasn't meaning that kind of question but hey, I said "any 
question you want" ;-)...

	Seriously, this is of course a good question, so here is my answer.

	I'm sure I haven't your experience but for me (and also for Peter 
Karman, C::C::Rose author), the suffix "::Simple" (suggested by him) 
means "Take all that [what already exists, i.e. Catalyst and Rose] and 
make it simpler to use together".

	In fact I don't even use its modules in mine since the goals are not 
the same and the functionalities don't overlap. The key point is that 
you can see it as the C::C::FormBuilder module reimplemented for Rose 
(and that was really the case).

	At first, on Peter's advice, I looked at C::C::Rose::* but I did not 
found anything relevant for what I was trying to do.

	I hope this answer your question.

<personal message>

	I've seen you were coming to FPW2007 in Lyon, France. I'll also be 
there (presenting this module) so I'm looking forward to meet you IRL ;-)

</personal message>

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