[Catalyst] Catalyst::Controller::Rose::Simple => CatalystX::RoseIntegrator

Alexandre Jousset mid at gtmp.org
Sun Sep 23 16:36:52 GMT 2007

	Hello list,

	Following the preceding discussion, I scheduled 
Catalyst::Controller::Rose::Simple for deletion on CPAN and uploaded the 
same module under the name CatalystX::RoseIntegrator. Please wait the 
time required for it to show up.

	I gave it version 0.02 because of this and a fix of a small typo in the 
POD. I also added a small example on how to use the RDBO feature of it, 
also in the POD.

	Again, feel free to ask me any question you want about this module and 
its use.

  -/ O \----------------------------------------
| |/ \|       Alexandre (Midnite) Jousset      |

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