[Catalyst] Re: Problem using Static::Simple

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Mon Sep 24 14:34:54 GMT 2007

On Sep 20, 2007, at 5:50 AM, Will Hawes wrote:

> 1) The unexpected matching of URLs like "/static1" (as well as the  
> expected "/static/1") seems to be because no trailing slash is used  
> in the regular expression that performs the match:
> my $re = ( $dir =~ m{^qr/}xms ) ? eval $dir : qr/^${dir_re}/;
> Perhaps this is by design, but adding the trailing slash to appears  
> to fix the problem while still allowing files to be served from the  
> specified static directories:
> my $re = ( $dir =~ m{^qr/}xms ) ? eval $dir : qr/^${dir_re}\//;
> I assume the trailing slash could be added to each item in "dirs"  
> in my config to achieve the same effect. I haven't tested that but  
> even if there's a good reason not to modify the regex, I think the  
> behaviour should be documented in ::Static::Simple.
> 2) When a non-existent static file is requested, Firefox tries to  
> download a PL file rather than displaying a 404 message. This  
> appears to be because ::Static::Simple sets $c->res->status to 404,  
> but does not set a content type. This causes content-type to be  
> auto-detected as "text/x-perl", which in turn makes Firefox want to  
> download the file. Hacking ::Static::Simple to set $c->res- 
> >content_type manually to "text/html" fixes the problem.
> I can't see why the standard behaviour in either case above would  
> be by design. Are these valid problems I've highlighted and what do  
> you think of the suggested fixes?

Yes both of these are bugs, I will get them fixed shortly.


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