[Catalyst] Can't find my canary

Dennis Daupert ddaupert at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 24 17:35:47 GMT 2007

>> Did your fix not get to git yet?

> It's there now. On my machines, Session::State::Cookie still isn't
> working, so tests fail for me. But if they pass for you, 
> you should be good to go. 

I bypassed s-s-cookie, manually installed c-p-FormCanary, but
the magic isn't working for me yet.

I have a question based on this code snippet:
 if ($content_type =~ /html/){
   some stuff here...
   # add the input tags to the body
   my $body = $c->response->body;
   $body =~         # yuck.
      {<input type="hidden" name="$name" id="$name" value="$canary" />
   $c->log->debug("$body"); # << I added debug msg
 return $c->NEXT::finalize_session(@_);

Here's what I do not understand:

The "canary" hidden input tag IS ADDED, according to $c->log->debug("$body")

But the "canary" hidden input tag DOES NOT show up in the page 
sent to the browser? Why would that be? 

I'm using TT for view; I have an empty 
sub end : ActionClass('RenderView') { }
c-p-renderview just returns 1 if length $c->response->body,
so probably something's working in a way I don't get yet, 
or works in a way different from what I *think* is happening.

I copied some of FormCanary's code into a webcard widget, 
twiddled a bit, and it works great. I haven't written any 
action classes, but it would be really nice to use this as 
an action class (which I see is on the todo list). I'll 
mess around some more with this, see what else I can learn.

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