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Ulf Lenski lenski at mdc-berlin.de
Wed Apr 2 14:25:34 BST 2008

Hallo Ulrich,
ich habe, dein Einverst=E4ndnis vorausgesetzt, unsere pspf-app mal auf der
unten genannten Seite ver=F6ffentlicht.
http://drs.dife.de/ k=F6nnte dort doch auch gelistet werden?

Wollen wir uns bei Gelegenheit mal wieder treffen?

bis bald - ulf.

Stephen Sykes schrieb:
> Hello Friends,
> For the past few days I have been putting together a site for listings
> of websites driven by the Catalyst MVC framework. The site idea was
> born out of a discussion on the list here a few weeks ago regarding a
> lack of any definitive list of sites based on the Catalyst MVC
> framework. Well, today I would like to announce the site launch. I
> hope everyone finds the site to their liking and can find the time to
> register and post their Catalyst driven websites.
> Note: I am also planning to release the source code for the site via
> subversion/trac as soon as I get a couple more admin features
> finished. So if anyone is interested in helping with the site code we
> can do this under version control, a sort of community driven project
> if you will.
> URL: http://www.catalystsites.org
> Kind Regards,
> Stephen Sykes
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