[Catalyst] CatalystSites.org

Stephen Sykes stephen at stephensykes.us
Sun Apr 6 00:24:22 BST 2008

Markus Holzer wrote:
> Hi Stephen.
>> Well, today I would like to announce the site launch.
> The site looks nice, but I find it a little "bloatware" to talk of 40+ 
> sites, when it's obvious that a good part of them share the same 
> layout and codebase and only differ in the content.
It's just a feature that shows the total count. I didn't know there 
would be 20 news portal listings with similar design, it just happened. 
I don't think the feature should be removed just because of that. 
Besides, to call it "bloatware" is a bit extreme, is it not?
>> I hope everyone finds the site to their liking and can find the time 
>> to register and post their Catalyst driven websites. 
> I will, as soon as I have EmPiDri in a presentable state :)
Excellent. :-)


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