[Catalyst] Why does $c->stats require -Debug flag?

Richard Jones ra.jones at dpw.clara.co.uk
Mon Apr 14 20:21:21 BST 2008

Jon Schutz wrote:
> Did you set the -Stats flag to a non-zero value? i.e.
>  use Catalyst qw/-Stats=1/

Err, no ;-) But I have now and it's fine - thanks. But there seems to be 
nothing I can do to set the flag at the command line when I start the 
devel. server (eg myapp_server.pl -Stats, myapp_server.pl MYAPP_STATS=1, 
myapp_server -STATS=1, etc). The idea is to enable stats for browser 
access but spare the t/*.t tests from dumping masses of timing data to 
the console when run.
Richard Jones

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