[Catalyst] transactions with DBIx::Class model

Johannes Plunien plu at pqpq.de
Sat Aug 2 18:16:44 BST 2008


On 02.08.2008, at 18:34, Ansgar Burchardt wrote:

> The C::M::DBIC::Schema documentation says that I should be able to
> access the schema object via $c->model("MyApp::Something")->schema,  
> but
> if I do so I get the following error:
>    Can't locate object method "schema" via package
>    "DBIx::Class::ResultSet"

let's say your model is called 'FilmDB' and you got an 'Actor' schema/ 
table. I guess you did something like $c->model('FilmDB::Actor')- 
 >schema->txn_do - right? Please try instead $c->model('FilmDB')- 

   # to access schema methods directly:


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