[Catalyst] Profiling shows Catalyst::Engine::write slowest ?

Stef Telford stef at ummon.com
Thu Aug 7 02:03:35 BST 2008

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Stef Telford wrote:
> Hey Everyone, So, I have an application almost done and dusted,
> although the pages are slow. I mean 'multiple seconds' per page
> slow. So, with this in mind, I flung catalyst through Devel::DProf
> (which is an old mainstay) on the script running
> (./script/myapp_server) and I find that the two most common
> 'slow-downs' are ;
> %Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c  Name 0.00   4.380
> 4.380    130   0.0337 0.0337  Catalyst::Engine::write 0.00   2.090
> 2.090    318   0.0066 0.0066  DBD::Pg::db::_login
> The question arises, how on earth do I fix/improve these ? From
> what I assume (dangerous I know), the catalyst engine write is the
> output from the templating write, how can I improve that speed ? I
> am using fastcgi on the 'main server' but it's still "as slow".
> Also the DBD::Pg login could be 'pooled', although I use
> dbix::class(::schema), has anyone done this ?
> I am kinda scratching my head on this, any
> pointers/help/ideas/smacking with manual is appreciated :D Regards
> Stef
Hey Everyone,
    Okay, so, colour me stupid, Compess::Gzip helps with the write
output delivery (because that's mostly down to the network connection
speed), however, Catalyst and DBIx::Class Pooling/Persistance ? Anyone
set this up before ?

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