[Catalyst] [SOT] cat webmail app?

Jose Luis Martinez jlmartinez-lists-catalyst at capside.com
Fri Aug 8 15:41:03 BST 2008

Matt S Trout escribió:

> I doubt you'd be bothering us so much :)

I would want to go into deep design decisions, and think it would go 
very off topic. Although I think a bad thing will happen: isolation from 
  the rest of smart people that are on the main Catalyst list, so I 
encourage them from here to subscribe to the list.

> I'd need a name to make a list though. catalyst-mail-thingy just doesn't seem
> great.
> So, I suggest you pick one. Otherwise I'm going to come up with a really bad
> name like 'camelmail' and name your list after that.

I think "catmail" would be good ;)


Jose Luis Martinez
jlmartinez at capside.com

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