[Catalyst] How to display a "Please Wait" page

Collin Condray ccondray at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 03:22:40 BST 2008

I am in the process of creating a website using catalyst. I have a check out
page that processes payment information and performs some automated tasks
for the client that takes several seconds to complete. I'd like to display a
"Please Wait" graphic while these actions are occurring.

I my initial attempt was something like this:

$c->response->redirect( $c->uri_for("/checkout/pleasewait") );

# Do action and payment process

$c->response->redirect( $c->uri_for("/checkout/receipt") );

But that was unsuccessful. I definitely think I'm misunderstanding how
redirect works. Has anyone else done anything like this before and if so
what are the steps that need to be taken to make it work?

Thanks in advance for your help and please let me know if there are any
further questions about what I'm trying to do.

Collin Condray
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