[Catalyst] Troubleshooting FastCGI error

Dermot paikkos at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 13 11:35:33 BST 2008

>> DBIx::Class::Row::update_or_insert(): DBI Exception: DBD::SQLite::st
>> execute failed: unable to open database file(14) at dbdimp.c line 403
>> [for Statement "UPDATE clipData SET audio = ? WHERE ( id = ? )"] at
>> /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/HTML/FormFu/Model/DBIC.pm line 324,
>> Server configuration.
>> DocumentRoot /var/www/MyApp/root
>> Alias /static  /var/www/MyApp/root/static
>> FastCgiServer /var/www/MyApp/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl -processes 3
>> Alias /motion /var/www/MyApp/script/myapp_fastcgi.pl/
>> Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be? I can't see why
>> it might work in one environment and not the other.
> This looks like a permissions issue to me. You're running the "server
> script" as one
> user and then running the application via Apache (which is a different user
> like nobody or www).
> Apache doesn't have write (or maybe even read) access to your SQLite
> database file or directory.
> Rob

Thanx Rob but chmod was the first thing I did.

-rwxrwxrwx 1 someuser root 793600 Aug 12 13:30 mydata.db

Changing the owner/group hasn't helped either.

I am not sure but I would have expected a permission denied message if
the permissions were incorrect. This reads more like file not found.


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