[Catalyst] Jemplate and AJAX woes... [Bump -anyone??]

kakimoto at tpg.com.au kakimoto at tpg.com.au
Wed Aug 13 22:39:44 BST 2008

hi, guys,

I think Ajax is cool. With Jemplate, it sounds good that Javascript
templating is possible.
I tried to go chapter 7 of Jon Rockway's book.

Looks good. For my system, I just needed something very basic.
1) Load up a data input form

2) user selects loan type from a select box ( bearing values: '',
'personal' , 'commercial' ,'misc')

3) using the "onChange" method in javascript, I would then have an AJAX
call (excuse my terminology please) to load another fragment into the
existing form. This is because each loan type will have different
attributes which I have to have as input.  This fragment will be made
out of various input types.

4) User fills up the remaining attribute values (after the specific form
attribute values have been loaded).

Looking at chapter 7(AddressBook Codes of Jon Rockway's book)

1) two files, "root/src/person_fragment.tt2" and
"root/src/search/address_results.tt2" would call address_fragment.tt2

2) address_fragment.tt2 would in turn invoke edit_address.tt2 (under the
"root/src/jemplate" directory) with view_only set to true.

For what I need to do (in my own little test project), I figured I get
rid of the intermediate file, "address_fragment.tt2" and just refer to
edit_address.tt2 directly with view_only set to true.

When i tried my changes out, well,
1) view_source keeps getting set all the time
2) the javascript does work when I click on "Edit" in the webpage.

My questions are:
1)  roughly, what's wrong with cutting off the intermediate file,
"address_fragment.tt2" ?
2) I have been looking (googling) for Jemplates and got no luck really.
Most of the AJAX tutes do not talk about Catalyst enough (what more of
Jemplates)...  Any good tutorials for Jemplates especially in terms of
what I want to achieve (as described above)?
3) I used firebug for debugging but kept getting an error saying
Jemplate.js has to be loaded first before anything. Is that normal?? I
mean, I did everything there was to do as per the sample AddressBook
Codes in chapter 7 of Jon Rockway's book.

SOS and thank you in advance,
 K. akimoto

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