[Catalyst] DBIx::Class method, "update_or_create_related" - it tries to populate the primary key value of the related object

Zbigniew Lukasiak zzbbyy at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 14:20:14 BST 2008

On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 2:56 PM,  <kakimoto at tpg.com.au> wrote:
> hello, all,
>  I am trying to use DBIx::Class method, "update_or_create_related" to
> cut down the amount of code I have. My code has happily worked with
> 1) me manually doing a search (with "find") to see if an object in
> question exists or not. If it doesn't, I will issue a "new"/"create" .
> Else, the "find" will give out the object, I perform whatever I need to
> perform on the attributes and update it.
> 2) the database table of the related object has a nice sequence set up
> for its primary key, "ID".
> Now, when I tried to use "update_or_create_related", the code actually
> produces an error for which the "ID" attribute in the SQL for INSERT is
> null and hence, cannot be inserted to the database engine for reason
> that a primary key attribute value can never be NULL.
>  It's fair up there but I just do not know why is DBIX::Class even
> bothering to put the primary key value, ID into the dynamic SQL that it
> uses to insert the entry into the database when there's already a
> sequence declared for it....

It's a long story - you might have a look at:
to see some discussion about it.  I also posted some code for a
DBIx::Class "plugin" with a modified update_or_create_related method
(which should work for you and additionaly it allows for recursive
updating the database).  It is not really polished code - it requires
some name changes - but it has test :)

By the way - there is a separate DBIC mailing list (see the link
above) where you should direct emails in thit subject.

Zbigniew Lukasiak

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