[Catalyst] Announce: Instant AJAX web front-end for DBIx::Class

Oliver Gorwits oliver.gorwits at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Aug 20 00:14:30 BST 2008

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Hi Moritz,

Moritz Onken wrote:
| Great goob! A few comments:
| * Is it possible to add this as a plugin to an existing catalyst
|  application (as an admin panel)?

I've just released a new version of LFB (0.25) to the CPAN, which
has much better support for relocation.

When it arrives on CPAN, read the documentation to see how to set a
path under which the LFB application will run. You can then use it
as a regular Catalyst "Plugin" to an application.

For now, you'll still have to set the DBIx::Class Model
configuration separately for LFB, which will mean some duplication
in your configuration. I'll look into fixing that later.

| * Why do you not use the filter
| abilities of extjs for the grid? they are much more convenient

The ExtJS filter works locally on data already retrieved by the
browser. What I am doing is sending search parameters to the web
server via AJAX, which is something different. Sorry if I've
misunderstood you.

| * Did you think about prodiving a
| different interface for selecting the items depending on the
| number of possible values?

I think there are a few different ideas, here, but essentially the
application doesn't know how many possible values there are when it
generates the user interface...

| What I'm saying: If you specify the
| color of a item (red, blue, and green) and would be great to have
| a radiogroup to select it.

LFB does not yet have support for enumerated types as you find in
some databases such as PostgreSQL - it's something I am considering
adding support for, though. That would address your red/green/blue
use case, I suppose.

| If there are many (>10) It would be
| great to have a select box. If there are even more (>1000) an
| autocomplete field would be great.

The combobox used for has_many relations will "autosuggest" if you
type in (I think) four characters, then wait a bit. In v0.25 I've
fixed this to be a case insensitive search. It's horribly
inefficient though, as it's filtering against all records in the
related table (specifically, their display_name or stringification).
But then LFB isn't designed for speed, but usefulness.

Many thanks indeed for the feedback :-)

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