[Catalyst] RFC & FYI: HTML::FormFu::ExtJS

Moritz Onken onken at houseofdesign.de
Wed Aug 27 14:56:59 BST 2008


HTML::FormFu::ExtJS uses the validation and processing power of  
HTML::FormFu and combines it with the great abilities of the  
JavaScript framework ExtJS to generate more intuitive forms.
There is no difference in the form config file. You simply replace  
HTML::FormFu->new with HTML::FormFu::ExtJS->new and you are done.
The result of $form->render is a string of JavaScript which generates  
a Ext.FormPanel.

Have a look at the examples which show the output of FormFu next to  

All FormFu elements are supported. See the docs for more information  
and caveats.
I use this module in a productive project already. But this project  
does not cover all possible variations of forms so there might be some  

There will be a HTML::FormFu::ExtJS::Grid module in the near future  
which helps you to generate the config parameters for an ExtJS grid  
view from a formfu config file.

Suggestions, comments, bugs are welcome!


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