[Catalyst] OT: Use the CPAN, Luke?

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Mon Dec 1 09:01:54 GMT 2008

On Sun, 30 Nov 2008 18:10:22 -0600, Jonathan Rockway <jon at jrock.us> wrote:
> * On Sun, Nov 30 2008, Toby Corkindale wrote:
>> If the automated install fails, people are likely to say "bah, this
>> Perl thing sucks, let's go for that similar app written in
>> PHP/Java/Ruby instead - at least it's simple to install!"
> Why do you care about what other people do?  If these people can't even
> install a CPAN module, it's unlikely that they were going to become
> active contributors.

I am absolutely stunned by this inappropriate and arrogant answer! Did you
smoke your last couple of lisp scripts, man? 

Perl's future depends on those "other people", but that's a truth a lot of
people in the Perl community haven't realized yet...


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