[Catalyst] Extra characters inserted into PDF output

Jesse Sheidlower jester at panix.com
Wed Dec 3 12:33:57 GMT 2008

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 12:25:15PM +0000, Tomas Doran wrote:
> On 3 Dec 2008, at 11:59, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:
>> This looks like it's going to call fillform() even if theres a  
>> response set... <Jen codes>
>> I just added "return if $c->response->body;" after the forward and it 
>> works! Nothing inserted! The problem was with fillform all the time.
>> Thank you, thank you all for helping me in such detail! I never would 
>> have gotten there on my own.
> Awesome!! Glad we got there :)
>> Should the docs be clarified? In the firs tpart of the FillInForm docs 
>> there *IS* something about skipping the view if output is set, but at 
>> the bottom where it talks about RenderView (which must be where i got 
>> this) it DOESNT say this.
> Yes, they should. It tripped you up, so it will trip other people up.
> Well volunteered!

I'll do it later today. I use FillInForm myself, so I'd like
it to be right. Although I note (happily) that the only app I
have that generates images isn't form-based; i.e. I don't
myself have anything currently where FillInForm would have

Also, if Jen does it, I'll have to massively fix her typos ;-)


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