[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst-Runtime 5.8000_04 shipped to CPAN

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Fri Dec 5 15:25:49 GMT 2008

After hours and hours of panic, despair, hair hugging and straight
procrastination, we have finally managed to produce a Catalyst-Runtime
distribution that
a) Has a Moose
b) Performs similarly to the previous stable version, and most importantly
c) Works with the old 5.7 based applications.
d) Has some nice new features (notable since last dev release is virtual
host support for tests)

There are still a few problems to solve before the next stable CPAN release
(Some of the plugins are still failing tests, most notoriously the backwards
compatibility tests of Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication), but Catalyst-Runtime
now works on our apps. That is why we would like for you to try it out, and
tell us what breaks on your apps (If you don't, we will happily ignore your
anguished cries later (Well, probably not, but please test it anyways!)) The
 developer release is currently on it's way to CPAN, and should be available
for your local mirror before long. In case you are interested, I've included
the change log since the last dev release below.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
Catalyst Release Manager.

5.8000_04  2008-12-05 12:15:00
        - Silence Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT warnings in the test suite (rafl)
        - Fix loads of 'used once, possible typo' warnings (rafl)
        - Additional tests to ensure upload temp files are deleted (andyg)
        - Remove use of NEXT from the test suite, except for one case
          which tests if Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT is working (t0m)
        - Use a predicate to avoid recursion in cases where the uri
          method is overridden by a plugin, and calls the base method,
          for example Catalyst::Plugin::SmartURI (t0m)
          - Test for this (caelum)
        - Compose the MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast role to
          Catalyst::Action, Catalyst::Request, and all other modules which
          inherit from Class::Accessor::Fast in 5.70.
          This fixes:
            - Catalyst::Controller::HTML::FormFu (zamolxes)
            - Catalyst::Request::REST (t0m)
          - Test for this (t0m)
        - Make hostname resolution lazy (Marc Mims)
        - Support mocking virtualhosts in test suite (Jason Gottshall)
        - Add README (marcus)
        - Fix TODO list (t0m)
        - Use Class::C3::Adopt::NEXT (rafl)
        - Ignore C3 warnings on 5.10 when testing ensure_class_loaded (rafl)
        - Add TODO test for chained bug (gbjk)
        - Fix list address in documentation (zarquon)
        - Fix ACCEPT_CONTEXT on MyApp, called as a class method (marcus)
           - Test for this (marcus)
        - Bump MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast version requirement
          get more back compatibility (t0m)
        - Improve documentation for $req->captures (caelum)
        - Fix a bug in Catalyst::Stats, stopping garbage being inserted into
          the stats if a user calls begin =3D> but no end =3D> (jhannah)
           - Test for this (jhannah)
        - Trim lines sooner in stats to avoid ugly Text::SimpleTable
        - Change Catalyst::ClassData to tweak the symbol table inline for
          performance after profiling (mst)
        - Fix POD typo in finalize_error (jhannah)
        - Add tests to ensure that we delete the temp files created by
          HTTP::Body's OctetStream parser (t0m)
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