[Catalyst] Advent calendar

Jozef Kutej jozef at kutej.net
Sat Dec 6 20:25:37 GMT 2008


the feed (http://www.catalystframework.org/calendar/feed/2008) in both
Firefox and Liferea feed reader is showing also the tags for me. Like:

Getting the word out with Catalyst::View::Email
2008-12-06 17:00
<div class="pod"> <h1 id="Getting_the_word_out_with_Catalyst_V">Getting
the word out with Catalyst::View::Email</h1> <div
id="Getting_the_word_out_with_Catalyst_V-2"> <p>I don' ...



Kieren Diment wrote:
> Hi all,
> The 2008 Catalyst advent calendar has started.  In general this year we
> will aim to have articles up by 12:00 UTC each day.
> If you want to contribute an article, contact me (kd) on irc or via email.
> Kieren
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