[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst-Runtime 5.8000_04 shipped to CPAN

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Sun Dec 7 18:47:52 GMT 2008

On 5 Dec 2008, at 23:00, Guillermo Roditi wrote:

> All of you who have experienced errors rooted in MooseX::Emulate/ 
> Adopt::Class::Accessor::Fast please please please send me error  
> messages and show me the code that breaks.
> I think the trunk version fixes all your problems, but nobody has  
> been able to accurately describe their problems or produce a simple  
> failing test case.

Since the extra accessor generators went in, most stuff which was  
broken is fixed.

> So, if my code is breaking your code, holla back!

I'm not sure if the correct fix for the lies in Catalyst, or  
MX::E::CAF, but:


is the minimal test case I've been able to produce for the breakage  
of the Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication's tests and which people  
still using the back-compat auth plugins in their apps would be  
seeing (if any of them were trying it and shouting).


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