[Catalyst] Example app showing user to "item" authorization?

bill hauck wbhauck at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 9 04:24:03 GMT 2008


I'm relatively new to Catalyst.  Also, since I'm not a programmer by trade I only get to spend a few hours a week on code so I'm a bit rusty on some stuff.

I've built a basic project / task system.  User creates project then creates tasks for that project.  The tasks can be assigned to other users for completion.  However, the next bit of logic I need to build is to only allow users assigned to the task to edit that task.  I've setup two tables in the database (MySQL) to store the relationships:
project_user (project_id, user_id)
task_user (task_id, user_id)

I've code written for authenticating users against MySQL so only people who register can access the system, but right now any authenticated user can access any project or task.  I've found the Authorization::Roles & Authorization::ACL modules, but they seem to only be for higher level access.  Perhaps I'm missing something.

So my question: is there an example application or best practice on how to implement a check on all calls to see if the user should be accessing a specific item?  I guess this would apply to any type of system: blog, auction, cms, etc. -- they all require checking if a specific user can edit a specific item.





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