[Catalyst] Translations in Catalyst

Keith Hasely groupskhasely at mac.com
Wed Dec 10 18:44:58 GMT 2008

Hey All,

We are evaluating different frameworks to use, and one big aspect of the project is how translations are handled, we deal with at least five languages on a regular basis.  I am hoping to get some input on different template systems, and ways you all have dealt with the multilingual issues in Catalyst.  We've been using XML XSLT translations, but people in the office find it challenging working with instead of an HTML template system.

I've seen some modules in CPAN that help with the issue such as "Catalyst::Plugin::I18N" which seems to work with Template Toolkit, and Pedal.  There seems to be some concern over here with the overhead HTML template systems will take up compared to working with XML XSLT translations.  I've also noticed the "Catalyst::View::XSLT" class which means we wouldn't need to come up with a new system to get our content translated before we publish.


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