[Catalyst] vote for Catalyst in Enterprise Open Source Directory

Robin Berjon robin at berjon.com
Thu Dec 11 22:15:05 GMT 2008

On Dec 11, 2008, at 18:20 , Rodrigo wrote:
> Perl 5.10 is also listed, so vote to make a great-looking language  
> look even better.
> http://www.eosdirectory.com/project/61/Perl.html

And if you have spare cycles, try to figure out which scoring systems  
gets PHP 4 stars out of 4 but Perl only 3, and Cocoon only 1. I'm not  
against pushing Catalyst everywhere just in case it helps (and I did  
vote) but that site seems to be powered by crystal meth more than  
anything else. I pity the company in which someone in charges gives it  
any credence.

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