[Catalyst] UTF-8 with Catalyst::Controller::REST and JSON::Syck

Francesc Romà i Frigolé francesc.roma+catalyst at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 17:09:58 GMT 2008


I have a controller which derives from Catalyst::Controller::REST, and
my data is in UTF-8 format. When I deserialize  with JSON the data is
not displayed properly. Everything else works fine with utf-8:
deserialization in xml works, and non-restful controllers work as

According to the manual Catalyst::Controller::REST uses JSON::Syck for
json serialization, but when I try to access variables like
$JSON::Syck::ImplicitUnicode or $JSON::Syck::SingleQuote from within
my controller they are undefined.

How can I make a restful controller send utf-8 encoded data?


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