[Catalyst] create search engine friendly uri from string

onken at houseofdesign.de onken at houseofdesign.de
Tue Dec 16 11:20:20 GMT 2008

On Tue, 16 Dec 2008 11:51:28 +0100, Robin Berjon <robin at berjon.com> wrote:

> Before putting that into a module though you might want to think about  
> what should happen to characters outside the [a-z0-9] range as \W will  
> match differently based on locale. I'm not sure what the recommended  
> behaviour is for such cases.

That's what I'm thinking about right now. I couldn't find a reference which
says that \W matches differently based on locale.

Ptyhon can convert an utf8 string to an ascii string and replaces
characters like "ä" with the most equivalent character "a". Is there such
a thing for perl?



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