[Catalyst] create search engine friendly uri from string

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 16:14:34 GMT 2008

From: "Peter Karman" <peter at peknet.com>
> or Search::Tools::Transliterate

I have tried:

use strict;
use Search::Tools::Transliterate;
use utf8;

my $tr = Search::Tools::Transliterate->new;
print $tr->convert("ăşţâîĂŞŢÂÎ????");

#It prints:

I want to print ai instead of âî and AI instead of ÂÎ. Am I using $tr->ebit 

The latest 4 chars are 4 new UTF-8 chars in romanian language (U+0218, 
U+0219, U+021A, U+021B). Can they be transliterated?
They are şŞţŢ but with a comma below, and not with a sedila. Can they be 
displayed as sStT?



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